What Are We Made Of?

Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with the absolute highest quality product possible. Your trust is something we take very seriously, and we want you to have complete confidence in what you’re buying.


Below you will find every single place we source our ingredients from.


Transparency doesn’t make us nervous.


True healing starts with quality ingredients.


Mountain Rose Herbs – Located in Eugene, Oregon


This is our go-to herb supplier! Mountain Rose Herbs is passionate about their craft and honest in their work. There is a ton of information on their website to credit their sustainability, organic practices, and love of all things natural.


Starwest Botanicals – Located in Sacramento, California


Starwest Botanicals is one of the country’s largest suppliers of organic herbs! Not only are they dedicated to providing absolute quality in their products, they are also extremely transparent in everything they do which is why they have been so trusted and successful for 45+ years.


Quality Etsy Sellers

Etsy is a fantastic place to support small, family-owned businesses all over the country! We always do our research and make sure they meet our standards before buying. Nothing better than finding amazing herbs and supporting another small business in the process!