Welcome to our mother-daughter venture into herbal healing!

We are an all natural, herbal apothecary born in East Tennessee! We believe in empowering your body to heal itself with the tools God gave us, the way God made us.

Herbal healing is a history that we all come from since that used to be the only source of medicine available. It's important to know that those plants haven't stopped working and the knowledge of how to use them is invaluable! 

Our goal is to make herbal healing affordable and accessible to everyone. Here you can find ALL natural salves, tinctures, tonics, and more!

Every single product is handcrafted by us and made with love.

Modern medicine is a blessing, but can be heavily overused. We want to encourage you to find a balance, and see where herbs can fit into your daily life to improve and enrich it. You might be surprised!

Thank you so much for being here with us, and we can't wait to see where God takes Tennessee Sassenachs!


Let nature take over your beauty routine!

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