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Tennessee Sassenachs

'Orange Cardamom' Digestive Bitters

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The term 'digestive bitters' or 'herbal bitters' typically just means any herb that has a predominately bitter taste, and they are incredibly important to include in our diet for good gut health maintenance!!

Bitter foods and herbs stimulate saliva production, bile production in our liver, and other gastric 'juices' that are necessary for smooth and regular digestive function. 

They basically tell your body "hey, you're about to eat a bunch of food, so get everything fired up to process this like you were built to!"

Taking digestive bitters (and making sure they reach the bitter receptors on the back of your tongue) can: decrease or eliminate bloating related to eating, relieve diarrhea and heartburn, greatly improve (or sometimes entirely relieve) IBS symptoms, detox the liver, support heart health, help control blood sugar, and much more!

It's as simple as dropping the suggested amount into a small glass of water, or placing the liquid directly on the back of your tongue about 10-15 minutes before eating. 

Long ago, before our current age's obsession with refined sugar and making everything "sweet", our diets naturally included bitter foods such as leafy greens and a variety of roots. These days, however, we have to actively seek to stimulate our digestive system - and our digestive bitters are an incredibly easy way to do so!

NOTE: If you have severe digestive issues, it is always recommended that you speak with a doctor or holistic practitioner before taking any kind of herbs. We are not medical professionals.

INGREDIENTS: 151 proof grain alcohol (for preservation & extraction), 101 proof bourbon (for preservation & extraction), Citrus x aurantium (bitter orange peel), Elettaria cardamomum (cardamom pods), Verbena hastata (blue vervain)

DIRECTIONS: FOR BEST RESULTS - About 10 minutes before a meal, drop one serving (about 1/4 tsp) directly onto the back of your tongue and hold in your mouth for about 10-15 seconds until you start to salivate. You may also dilute with a small amount of water to help taste.



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